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We provide a complete range of industrial painting services in Red Deer

Quality Industrial Electrostatic Painting in Red Deer

When it comes to your industrial painting needs, you should only turn to someone you can trust. We at Mar-ran Industries have been providing industrial painting services to the businesses of the region since 1975. With our deep understanding of industrial painting requirements and one of the largest painting booths in the region, we can handle jobs of all sizes. Not only that, but we even have forklifts on-site for loading and unloading purposes. Our team provides a full spectrum of industrial painting services using electrostatic painting in Red Deer and Central Alberta, along with offering sandblasting solutions too.


If you require industrial painting in Red Deer or Central Alberta, please get in touch with us.


Red Deer

Central Alberta

Electrostatic Painting Service in Red Deer


One of the services we offer is electrostatic painting in Red Deer. This state-of-the-art painting technique is a great way to achieve smooth and evenly coated paint. It involves making use of charged particles and applying them to the surface with the help of a gun. The charged particles are attracted to the surface and wrap themselves around it. This technique can be applied to diverse surfaces, including but not limited to:


Industrial equipment

Metal surfaces

Retail store displays

                                          With this technique there are plenty of advantages when compared to other painting processes, including:

  • Cut down on overspray. The magnetic attraction from the charged particles onto the object allows paint to “wrap” around and cover areas that may be hard to reach.
  • Save money. Electrostatic painting is much more cost-effective and efficient than other techniques. The transfer efficiency puts the paint on your
  • equipment instead of in the filters.
  • The “Green” choice: Limited overspray and more effective painting means less paint particles are released into the air. That’s good for Mother Nature!

Are you ready to see what professional electrostatic painting can do for you? Call Mar-ran Industries today!


Your Satisfaction Is Our Priority


What sets us apart is that we prioritize your needs before everything else. When you come to us, we commit to providing you with services of the highest quality. We carefully assess your needs to tailor our services according to them. We are always available to attend to your queries and are honest with you about our services. When you choose Mar-ran Industries, you choose quality. 







Why Choose Mar-ran Industries Inc. in Red Deer?


Over the years, we at Mar-ran Industries have provided our services to countless clients. Those who choose our services have a range of benefits to enjoy, including:


The expertise that comes with experience

Adherence to the highest standards of quality

Guaranteed safety

Personalized services  


Check out our gallery to see our work yourself before hiring us.



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Would you like to learn more about our services or schedule an appointment with us? Please don't hesitate to reach out to us! You can call us at 4 03-343-1494 or fill our online form, and we will get back to you shortly.



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